Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hope or Not Hope? (Or the Law of Attraction)

I'll admit until a few months I was a very negative and pessimistic person.  I'd argue that anyone who self-harms or has a negative outlook on life is a lot like that.  You don't think that you are being negative, rather you believe, deep down you are being realistic.  You don't dare think that what you are doing from day to day matters, but you do it, because it's habit.

Then something gets you down, and you just want to start all over again.  Trouble is you start and you are still in a bad place. You want to be at point a, b, c, and e already and you are still stuck on "-A."  You want to show the world that you have improved and accomplished something of value, and you want to be there to show... come hell or high water, but darn it all, you can't.  You can't believe in yourself, and you are surrounded by challenges you don't want, and believe you don't need. You have no more hope.

Should you hope?

I feel that, in a way it can be about the law of attraction, now, I am not a big proponent of the whole concept of the law of attraction, (where you think it to get it) but I am very certain that you become what you think and who you spend time with.  I can hope for better, and want something better, but if I'm not willing to be very uncomfortable for a long time, it will not happen.  I'm still stuck at point A or worse, two steps behind.

Now, I can argue it's because of someone else, but if that someone else still is in my life doing the same things that drive me over the edge, I'm hurting myself. It won't stop until I take action, and for me this will be a positive action.  I've given myself hope that I can become a stronger and a better person.  To stay in the same situation means I have lost hope.  I've lost it, and over time I will become a worse person because of it.

That would be what the law of attraction, or hope will do.  The difference is it's not a mind set, but a way of life. It's the action, what you do to get where you want to go, because you can not simply think things will get better, you have to do them, and then and only then will positive things happen in your life.

In my last example: the person who is negative in your life, who is not the type of person whom you want to be around will protest.  They might not even forgive you for your positive actions.  They might complain you have changed, and the truth is that they are correct.  You have, but you are not responsible for their life, it is your own.  That is where the power, and the hope lies.  You have the power to change you with your daily actions.  You have the power to hope for more, and to be more, that is the power of the law of attraction, you attract what you are working towards.

Others might not like it, but it is your responsibility to change you- and not them.