Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are You Fearful?

When the day seems to get away from you, and you can't seem to get on the path you are trying to create, it's easy to say to "hell with it all."  

The thing is, if someone says it, then they have simply given up trying to be more than what they are now.  That's a sad thing, because people talk about improving themselves, and how "great it is this day" life doesn't give a damn about your words, but rather it throws you a curve ball. Darren Hardy or John Maxwell or any other professional coaches might help, but if you're not really into it, or deep down fear change, no matter how much money you spend on them, it's not going to help.

Growth comes from challenges, and some challenges just seem to be a lot bigger than what you want. I am told, that you only get some much because you are ready to deal with that much, but the reality is, that's not true.

Think about rain for a moment, it's a good thing to have, after a hot day, having a light warm drizzle is a nice peaceful thing.  It's good for the soul.  That's where all the nice quotes come from, the feel good light drizzle, where it's warm and friendly and carefree. 

The reverse is true, it's good to have, but if you get it everyday you get used to it, and you don't look for anything better.  Just the rain, every day, in some form so I don't need to worry about a change in patterns, please and thank you. That's a sign that you are used to getting wet, and don't worry about change.

Rain however, does do more than drizzle, it makes a mockery of plans, especially with thunder and an all out downpour.  I don't know of many people who want to get caught by a thunder shower, but there is a benefit to the thunder.  It teaches you about fear. It teaches you that everything is not easy and even if life is making you believe it's too much, you can still just keep moving- even with fear.

What sort of fear helps? The sort of fear which makes you stop and think.  The sort of fear which makes you sit up and listen (I've heard people do the "One- Mississippi..." count many times) That is a call to action.

Fear is a motivator or it destroys you.

When you are on a path of growth and change, you need a very large profound push, and challenge, a change. It's not magical, it's nothing special, it's god-awful, want-to-cry-in-a-corner, wish I didn't bother changing moments.  Fear can stop you or make you run.  The fight or flight adrenaline rush is one thing which can make you go.

What the trouble with fear is, is the question of "are you fearful?" if you're growing and changing: yes you must be, comfort zones are easy as hell to stay in when you're there.

The same holds true in my life, I'm running around thinking about what I need to do to grow and change.  It feels like I am in the middle of a downpour and I don't have an umbrella.  It's not pretty and I am certainly not happy where I am right now.

It's easy to go back and just be what I was, but I know I don't want to be that person.  I'm still in the rain, the storm but I am as fearful as when I began.  I'm not in my comfort zone, and I am trusting in more people than I might otherwise.

In some ways, fear is a good thing, and admitting that I am scared, terrified and I still want to change is a challenge.

Are you fearful?

I could get all religious and suggest there is a higher power helping you through all this, and in many ways there might be, but right in the moment, it's hard to not think of yourself as being alone. In fear. Afraid of the next moment.

Are you fearful?  Nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has moments where they are terrified, scared, or any number of adjectives, adverbs or nouns one can give it.  If you're fearful, it's okay, if you understand it means you are pushing your comfort zone, or are pushing some one else's.  Push the boundaries and grow.

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