Sunday, March 20, 2016

Create to Help and Heal

What is the best thing about being a bit more creative?

It helps me and it helps others.  Part of what makes a person want to be creative is that they want something that isn't in their heads all the time.  I can come up with hundreds of ideas, but if I want to focus on what works, and what doesn't I'll need to get something out.

I'm saying do not write down goals.  At least not yet.

Don't misunderstand me, writing down goals are very important, but the problem is that, for someone like myself, I'll have some fairly lofty and insane goals. The ones where I'm setting myself up for failure and not even thinking about what I can do to get there.

Take my writing goals for instance, I'd love to sit back, enjoy some tea and write.  The only problem is that I tend to say "hey I'll write 2,000 words today."  Sure. Okay.  Yup.  So what sort of poor excuse am I going to give myself when I don't write 2,000 words TODAY?

I know I can't write 2,000 words in one day.  I haven't done that more than twice in all the years I've been writing.  I set myself up to fail, and then I hate what I've done, and hate myself for even writing.  The cycle continues.  In the end, I hate the fact I even considered how badly I was as a writer, and eventually as a person.  It broke me down, I hated the fact I was not of value in the creative world.

I hated to be near the computer, and I hated to be near people, because, heck, I didn't want to sit back and admit that my goals where so totally unrealistic to anyone, anywhere, but they weren't to me.  I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do- and that was be the person who made "over the top" goals.

The point?

Being creative in a different way means that not only can you help but you can heal.

Okay, I get your thinking, why be more creative, after all writing is a creative outlet!

Yes, it is, but when you hate doing something, you're not going to do it.  You actively avoid it.  By the end of last year, I was actively avoiding writing. I couldn't describe it, nor did I want to dig down.  My saving grace was walking away. (Or, for the sake of honesty, RUNNING THE HELL AWAY) I walked away and took my time.

Saying I don't know is okay too.

If I hadn't I am sure my mental state would be far worse than what it is now, I don't know, but I know I don't want to find out.  As it stands getting back to a state of feeling like I have some sort of creative view is a good beginning.  When I began to open up, to think and to act different it hurt.

It also helped me heal.  I began to use a more visual way of creating than I would have.  I found that eventually I was able to come to a bit of a better state of mind, but I was still in the cocoon, as it were.  I still am developing as a creative person, but being creative is to help, and to heal and in both I am just beginning. 


  1. Lovely post. I can be creative but not as often as I would like, that goal is open for the whole 2016' 😊

  2. Trina, I think we all want to create, but we get discouraged. Goals are a good thing, yours I like.


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