Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why A Butterfly?

Welcome to the Butterfly Creative.  It's not much yet, but here we are talking about growth, and renewal and just becoming someone who is passionate about what they do.  Someone who can take the hurts and challenges they have faced and learn from them.

Let's do this.

First thing you will need to get is a journal.  I prefer mine blank, but one which I can lay flat. It's a personal preference and it is it something that almost anyone can do.  Over the many years I've come to learn I'm not really into journalling if it doesn't have colour, or doodles or just about anything that isn't a 'writing' style of journal.

Next, make it real.

I love dragons and dolphins and butterflies.  I wanted to make my journal real for me.  I wanted it cool, and creative and fun.  Of the three I picked the butterfly and found magazine pictures and flowers and all sorts of nice, beautiful, grab the eye type of pictures.

I think the next one might be dolphins, but the butterfly has a lot of meaning for me.  I like it because no matter what it is always strong, but fragile. Graceful, but forever a bit clumsy.  The butterfly is creative in a way, and in its own way transforms from something no one likes to something everyone does.

Why a butterfly?

It's all about growth, and learning and taking it one step at a time.  A good way along the path of healing is accepting that healing needs to start.  For me, it's about just becoming more creative to express the challenges and the hurts I've dealt with over my life.

Butterflies give a sense of peace and a willingness to re-create themselves.

Time to get creative.

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